Rob Soeters on persuasion: “We may seem to be rational creatures, but actually we often make decisions based on gut feelings. Without being aware of it, people allow irrational matters to influence them. In advertising we see examples of this on a daily basis. Use these persuasion techniques to turn your project into a success.

In my work I often make use of one or more of the following principles when rolling out projects or initiatives in order to ‘get people moving’:

  • Making it easy to try things is key in getting people to change their behavior;
  • Detailed storytelling gets your message to stick in people’s minds;
  • Sympathy helps to get things done (e.g. using personal conversations);
  • Find examples of ambassadors that the client or target audience can identify with;
  • Use clear language, and be concrete;
  • Use short, catchy statements.
  • Taking action should require simple steps (and only a few of them);
  • Proper planning and having a trigger are essential (so that people are open to the initiative when it matters);
  • Make sure the alternative means of transport offered are good. Otherwise your persuasion efforts won’t be effective.”

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