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Promoting the use of public transportation in the Haaglanden Region

Two major cities, The Hague and Rotterdam, contribute hugely to the Dutch Economy. Keeping, and even better, improving the accessibility for people and goods at a good level is key. Implementing Smart Mobility is one of the solutions the region is focusing on.

Solution: The public transportation is of high quality. For that reason, the public-private organization Bereikbaar Haaglanden en Rijnland successfully promoted the use of public transportation to commuters. 

Facts & Figures

  • 38 employers participated
  • 1,500 employees used public transportation for free for 8 weeks
  • This resulted in 690 new public transportation users after the trial period
  • Participants graded the public transportation pilot with a 9 out of 10
  • Participants graded the communication revolving around the public transportation pilot with an 4
  • Due to its staggering success, the public transportation pilot is extended through at least the end of 2019.

My contribution

As Project Manager, I was responsible for:

  • coming up with, developing, and implementing the public transportation try-out;
  • procuring the communication campaign and the card issue agencies;
  • putting together the project team and managing the daily implementation;
  • recruiting participating employers and employees;
  • monitoring and evaluating the project.