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Smart and Sustainable Mobility in the Region of Twente

Problem: Twente is a region in which both regional as well as international transport flows converge. This results in many traffic congestions in the cities and congestions on the roads that connect the Netherlands to the rest of Europe.

Solution: Government authorities and the business community perform joint actions to decrease car use and the emission of harmful substances.

Facts & Figures

  • Budget: approximately 1 million euros per year
  • 100 participating business
  • A decrease of 2,000 cars on the road during rush hour
  • Results due to behavioral changes and Social Media having 2,300 followers:
    • change in working hours, or taking different routes to work per the directions of real-time traffic info provided by webcams along the roads;
    • change from car to E-bikes (for commuting as well as commercial traffic);
    • Informing commuters of the costs of different ways of transportation.

My contribution:

  • 9 years as Project Manager; establishing project organization Twente Mobiel
  • Supervising a team of professionals
  • Actively involved supervisor in the development of innovational products such as pilot E-bikes in the home care sector, the installation of traffic cams to influence travel behavior by means of the website timweethet.nl, a large-scale bike project, and the use of Social Media and campaigns.

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